NFL Draft 2020: 13 Biggest Picks You NEED To Know

A breakdown by position of the athletes who will leave the biggest mark on the NFL.


The 2020 NFL draft was one of the most unique viewing experiences in recent memory. Because of current circumstances, the league was unable to hold the massive event that was originally planned to take place in Las Vegas, NV on April 23-25th. We were robbed of the spectacle of watching the promising new talent hear their name called and take the boat trip across the Bellagio fountain. Instead, a virtual draft was held utilizing the technology available through video conferencing.

Perhaps unsurprising given the lack of sport content, the 2020 NFL draft was the most watched draft in history. 15.6 million people tuned in to watch. While audiences have grown accustomed to seeing the homes of draft prospects in past drafts, the virtual draft gave fans a chance to see into the owners', coaches', and GMs' homes for a change. This gave us such gems as Arizona Head Coach Kliff Kingbury's lavish glass house, the massive flex from Dallas Owner Jerry Jones with his $250 million mega-yacht, and whatever was going on in Tennessee Head Coach Mike Vrabel's bizarre draft scene.

At the end of the weekend, we still got to have something new in the sports world to entertain and distract us all. And for 255 young men, the chance at an NFL career has now begun. Let's take a look at 13 big names that will be making a mark at their respective positions...

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