Olympics Opening Ceremony Verdict - Brilliant Or A Big Let Down?

Did the ceremony live up to its mammoth-like expectations?

The London 2012 Olympic Ceremony took place last night and expectations were as always, very high. The ceremony was being built up in a manner never before seen by the British. David Cameron, the Prime Minister was calling it "The Greatest Show on Earth" even before it began and the media frenzy was just too much, but did the ceremony live up to its mammoth-like expectations? Well, a clear answer is very difficult to get when one discusses the opening ceremony but in this case it can be said that it did not live up to the hype. Even before the ceremony began, news anchors and journalists made their minds up, that it was going to be the best ceremony the world had ever seen, pushing down the spectacular grandeur show that was put on in Beijing four years ago, that it was going to be more human and in touch with humanity, that it was going to be emotional and humorous and that it will represent the people of the nation. What the organisers forgot was that this was an opening ceremony for a sporting event that the whole world will be watching, not just the British and this is where it goes down hill. The humour was very British; I do not think that much of the international community would have understood all the €˜in-jokes€™ that Danny Boyle put out. The whole ceremony had less of a grandeur and historic feeling to it but more of a West-End musical mixed with a cheesy movie musical but I guess that€™s what happens when you make a director with over-hyped movies the artistic director of the ceremony. The ceremony, from the start was dull and uninteresting. When the whole world seems to be progressing forwards, the ceremony suddenly decided to open up with a farm land looking much like that in a Lord of the Rings movie; maybe Mr Boyle€™s idea wasn€™t that original. All the pessimism aside, there were some good moments, the National Health Service and GOSH segments were entertaining and enlightened the mood, a very hard thing to do after one of the dullest openings of the opening ceremony. The use of music was good and the Queen did seem to make a pretty good Bond Girl. When it comes to the best ceremonies out there, London 2012 will or should not be on top of any list as Beijing remains unchallenged with its 2008 masterpiece. However, blunders were avoided and the show, as dull as it may have been went on without a hitch. The ceremony went past smoothly without problems and now let us hope that the actual games go on without a hitch as well.
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