Only True LeBron Fans Can Get 100 On This Quiz

LeBron James has just won his 4th title. But after 17 years, how well do you know him?

LeBron James has been the biggest, most notable star in the NBA for the past decade. As he's moved from one team to the next, his influence has seemed only to grow, and as one of the rare players to maintain such a high level of quality for so long, he's achieved a level of success few others, if any, have as well.

Many thought LeBron's competitive career had finished when he opted to join the Los Angeles Lakers, a great franchise historically, but one that had fallen completely out of favor since 2013. However, after winning his fourth title with the same team and the 17th for the franchise, LeBron James has cemented himself even further into thee pantheon of the NBA's greatest players.

His fans, too, have grown, but how much do they really know? How long have they been following him? If you're truly a LeBron James fan, you will probably know the answer to many of these questions. So, prove your knowledge and take the test. Only true LeBron fans will be able to get 100% on this impossible quiz!

1. When Is LeBron's Birthday?


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