PES 2019 Review: 5 Reasons It's Awesome

Evolution by name, evolution by nature.


With the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 on August 28th, Konami have delivered one of the most authentic footballing experiences in their series to date. While, yes, PES will never be able to compete with FIFA and EA when it comes to licensing these days, that's never been the selling (or stumbling) point for this series, and it seems like Konami are very aware of that.

If you want an arcade, back-and-forth, larger-than-life football game, then quite honestly, FIFA is probably what you're looking for you. If you're a football purist, however, and you want an authentic footballing experience, then Pro Evolution Soccer has always been the game to deliver that. Building on the excellent gameplay from last year's game, Konami have managed to stay true to their name, taking PES 2018's quality gameplay and evolving it into something even better.

That's not the only evolution in PES 2019 though. FIFA may have the monopoly on licenses, but the in-game graphics for this year's edition have never looked more spectacular. Player faces continue to flirt with photo-realism, while the teams, kits and stadiums that they do have licenses for look nothing short of incredible (oh, and there's a whole lot more of them this year too).

Whisper it, but PES 2019 might just be the start of a new, very exciting era for Pro Evolution Soccer fans...

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