Read Chelsea Goalkeeper Petr Cech's Amazing Response To Twitter Troll

Cech takes on United and wins again... but on Twitter this time.

Petr Cech is going through the most challenging time in his career, having lost his place as Chelsea's first choice keeper for the first time since joining the club back in 2004. Naturally, being a world class talent and determined professional, he's responded to such setbacks in the best possible way. Reports last week had him turning up for additional training sessions on his day off, determined to prove to Jose Mourinho that he deserved to be back between the posts on matchday instead of his Belgian rival, Thibaut Courtois. Cech is also active on Twitter, and being a footballer, often attracts trollish messages from supporters of rival clubs. One such user decided he'd have a pop at Cech's recent displacement. Instead of ignoring such empty provocation as most mere mortals would, Cech instead opted to fire back with a magnificent retort. When said United fan got a bit irate at having been thoroughly served, Cech then gave a short, sharp rebuke to the hypocrisy of such morons not being able to take the so-called 'banter' they dished out. Big Pete: Chelsea hero, warrior-poet goalkeeper, winner of the internet.
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