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South Sudan Prepare To Compete In Their First Ever Olympics

Samsung proud to sponsor those who defy barriers.

With ongoing controversy surrounding doping in the run up to the Rio 2016 Olympics Games, it is sometimes easy to forget the very spirit and essence of what the games are really all about - it is the ability to bring people together through sport, and to give not only the competitors an opportunity to realise their hopes and dreams, but also for them to provide inspiration and joy to others. Dedication, hard work, and showing respect to your sport as well as your competitors is the essential ingredients of any budding Olympian, after all a Gold Medal might be the eventual aim but is the virtues shown in the journey getting there which are the most impressive.

This year Worldwide Olympic Partner Samsung have looked to cast a light on real life stories of those looking to compete in Rio 2016, stories of courage and determination which can often gone unnoticed but deserve to be celebrated. One such story is that of Margret Rumat Rumat Hassan who is all set to become the first South Sudanese athlete ever to compete at the Olympics. Following years of civil war, unrest and a fraught political uprising, a referendum saw South Sudan split off and gain independence in 2011. Separated from her family during the war Margret could easily have become resigned to a life of struggle and oppression, but instead discovered a passion for running which gave her the drive and and motivation to strive for more; a talent which now looks set to bring renewed hope to the people of this young nation.

The video above entitled 'The Chant' shows Margret initially sitting in the locker room, where after inserting the new Samsung Gear IconX cord-free earbuds she is transported and immersed in the sights, sounds, and good will of the people back home who are chanting her name. As she walks through to the stadium entrance those same people from back home are in the stands waiting to cheer her on, having travelled all the way from South Sudan to share in a true inspirational milestone of this fledgling country. '


'The Chant' is a continuation of Samsung's focus on supporting pioneering spirit, and highlighting perseverance and the will to get back up again against the odds. Following on from 'A Fighting Chance' - a short documentary from earlier this year - it is another chapter in the the company's ongoing commitment to supporting athletes fighting to compete in the Olympic Games. For more information on 'The Chant' head on over to

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