Sunderland Transfers: Is Fabio Borini Deal Dead?

Does the Italian want to stay and fight for his Anfield future?

Sunderland AFC love a good old transfer saga don't they? It seems that every summer without fail the club endure weeks of uncertainty and confusion over players who every fan knows will improve the squad. But as with the team up the road in black and white, it seems even the no-brainer deals can prove difficult to get "over the line." This summer it's the turn of Fabio Borini to become the focus of all the message board threads, transfer columns in the newspapers and debates on social media as to whether he will become a Sunderland player or choose to stay at Liverpool on the bench, fighting for a first team slot that the manager clearly does not fancy him for. On Friday, the news appeared to be brilliant for the North East side as Sunderland and Liverpool agreed a £14m fee for the Italian striker, but over the past few days some doubt has crept into the Sunderland fans thoughts, perpetuated by suggestions in the media that Borini wasn't all that keen to come back to the club. The club haven't spoke to Fabio to arrange his personal terms yet but this should be happening over the next few days, given that the clubs have agreed a fee. But the main worry is that Borini - who scored 11 crucial goals for Sunderland last season - has travelled with Liverpool to USA for their pre-season tournament. It didn't help matters by him tweeting last night "Finally in Boston for the American @LFC Tour!" to begin arguments and debates across the UK as to what is going to happen with him over the next week or so. Personally, I am not worried at all about him travelling to USA as he has to go away with his current team, as he should be considered a Liverpool player up to the precise moment that he isn't and compromising his pre-season fitness based on the possibility of an impending deal would be bad planning all round. And the likes of Andy Carroll and Stewart Downing both went on pre-season tours before joining West Ham. Besides, the personal terms can be discussed and agreed over in America and according to Liverpool sources, Borini was the person driving the transfer forward so it could all be rumours and counter rumours in order that the newspapers have something to keep writing about. And as for the question of value, we've already dealt with that one... What are your thoughts on the Borini deal? Do you think he will be wearing the red of Liverpool or the red and white of Sunderland next month?
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