Team GB Olympics 2012 Football 18 Man Squad - Our Picks

Our picks for the Team GB squad include 12 English players, 4 Scotsman, 2 Welshmen and no Northern Irish players!

Stuart Pearce, the stalwart of many unsuccessful English International campaigns, has been (inevitably) put in charge of the 18-man squad for Team GB€™s Olympic Football campaign hat will no doubt reflect the huge array of talent that equally exists within our nation. Hope Powell, the only female football coach anyone actually knows, has been given the mantel of coaching the ladies team. Sadly, this selection process is not going to come without a lot of scrutiny, such as €˜How can you choose just 18 players?€™ and €˜Why is most of the team English under 21s?€™. Not to mention the fact the Scottish and Northern Irish FA are opposed to the idea because it will damage the independence of the countries. Or that they won€™t have anyone selected. You decide. Luckily for Stuart, I€™ve made his squad selection decisions for him. There is only one crucial rule to remember. All players must be under the age of 23, except for three €˜special€™ players who can be whatever age they want. With that sorted, here's my Team GB (with ages appropriate to the tournament kick-off on Wednesday 25th July, 2012 - though the cut off date for under 23 entry is 1st January 2012); Goalkeeper Joe Hart (25) €“ England €“ Man City €“ SPECIAL PLAYER! Ben Amos (22) €“ England €“ Man United Defenders Kyle Walker (22) €“ England €“ Tottenham Phil Jones (20) €“ England €“ Man United Chris Smalling (22) €“ England €“ Man United Kieran Gibbs (22) €“ England €“ Arsenal Grant Hanley (20) €“ Scotland €“ Blackburn Rovers Danny Wilson (20) €“ Scotland - Liverpool Midfielder Tom Cleverly (22) €“ England €“ Man United Jack Wilshere (20) €“ England €“ Arsenal Barry Bannan (22) €“ Scotland €“ Aston Villa Gareth Bale (23) Wales €“ Tottenham Aaron Ramsay (21) €“ Wales €“ Arsenal David Beckham (37) €“ England €“ LA Galaxy €“ SPECIAL PLAYER! Striker Andy Carroll (23) €“ England €“ Liverpool Danny Welbeck (21) €“ England €“ Man United David Goodwillie (23) €“ Scotland €“ Blackburn Rovers Wayne Rooney (26) €“ England €“ Man United €“ SPECIAL PLAYER! About my selection My special over 23s (marked conveniently with SPECIAL PLAYER!) included Joe Hart, because he is as good a goalkeeper as the home nations have and it's an important position, David Beckham, because he is one of the few people who have wholeheartedly supported a Team GB, and Wayne Rooney, not that I think he will play both the Euros and the Olympics but if he did, then he could be the difference. As you also may note, the tally of English players is 12, Scotland is 4, and Wales 2. I can€™t see any Northern Irish players making the list. Disagree? Who would be in your squad?