The Boat Race: Swimmer In Thames Stops Race - Video

The Boat Race is halted by a swimmer in the Thames.

The 2012 Oxford versus Cambridge Boat Race was stopped when a swimmer in the Thames ended up between the two boats as they passed. The drama unfolded 10 minutes into the race, with the teams tightly locked in battle approaching the final stretch of the race. The blades of the Oxford boat narrowly missed the head of the swimmer, who ducked under the water. The decision was made to do a rolling restart around the point that the race was interupted. Cambridge went on to claim victory, but not before further controversy as the oars clashed, causing one of the Oxford oars to snap. This allowed Cambridge to cruise to a relatively easy victory. Immediately following the race, am exhausted member of the Oxford crew collapsed and required lengthy medical attention. The Thames swimmer is believed to be Trenton Oldfield, an activist claiming that his decision to cross the path of the boats was a deliberate "act of civil disobedience". In short, he is an arsehole. The police have confirmed that a man has been arrested on suspicion of a public order offence. Though, in reality, there is no suspicion about it.
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