UFC 156 Review & Podcast

WC-156R UFC 156 started fast with the prelims and ended with the Super Fight between Aldo and Edgar. The card was loaded from top to bottom with headliners in each fight on the PPV card. The FB and FX cards were probably the best set of prelims we've seen in the UFC in years. Mitchell Stucky joins me on the Getting Lucky MMA Podcast (#023) to review all of the action. Part 1: Prelims Part 2: Main Card Summary: In match-ups at the top level of talent and skill, the difference comes down not to meters or centimeters, but often millimeters. Jose Aldo had just enough speed to land first in all of the exchanges in rounds 1 and 2, particularly with his brutal leg kicks forged on the football pitch as an semi-professional player in Brazil. The narrative changed as Aldo started to tire and Frankie's timing adjusted to the champion's style. At the end of the third round, Edgar started landed meaningful shots for the first time in the fight. And it was the third round that ultimately decided the fight, which Aldo won with more significant damage and cleaner shots. Like a true warrior, Edgar pressed forward relentlessly in the 4th and 5th winning octagon control and aggression. Aldo still landed damaging shots, but Edgar landed more. To any non-MMA judge, Edgar won rounds four and five. To an actual MMA judge, Aldo won all but one round. Right. The fight was not overly dramatic or spectacular like a GSP vs. Condit, but when you've got two fighters with such quality footwork and striking defense, you should expect a nuanced battle of technique and minor adjustments from round to round. In other action, Alistair was KO'd by Bigfoot for lacking any respect for his opponent by smirking his way through rounds 1 and 2. Fitch was "out-fitched" by a red hot Demian Maia. Rashad Evans hand trapped his way to a decision loss against Lil Nog and Ian McCall was outpointed on the feet by Joseph Benavidez.

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