Usain Bolt's Best Position If He Was A Footballer?

Which position would suit "Lightning Bolt" best if he did soon switch from the track to the football pitch?

Usain Bolt is not one to shy from the cameras. After winning the 200m men's final in style yesterday the world's fastest man reiterated his desire to become a professional footballer in the near future and even play for Manchester United. WhatCulture today looks at which position would suit "Lightning Bolt" best if he did soon switch from the track to the football pitch. Goalkeeper With an astounding frame of 6ft 5inches, Bolt would already fill the goal without even diving around. His athletic ability and reach would make it hell for strikers to find the net. Though his reflexes and reactions might be in doubt, due to his slow starting weakness, Bolt would be an effective keeper in football. You've got to remember top keepers like Petr Cech and Wojciech Szczesny are also the same height as the Jamaican. Defender Defenders who are tall have a major vantage in football. With the average central defender height in the Premier League being 6ft, Bolt would have a huge advantage over his peers in the air. With his strength Bolt would be a scary defender for strikers to deal with it. Even so, the possibility of Bolt playing as a wing-back would also be just as good. The only question is, would Bolt be tactically adept to play as a wing-back? The likes of Jose Bosingwa and Glen Johnson, who are well known for a their very attacking approach, often get heavily criticised for failing to redeem their defensive duties. Would Bolt also be the same? Midfielder Probably Bolt's worst position. Due to his great size and speed over a distance playing Bolt centrally would not be taking advantages of Bolt's strengths. Not very agile, if Bolt did play in central midfield he would be restricted to a holding midfielder role like Alou Diarra, Sandro and not one like David Silva and Cesc Fabregas. While the thought of playing on the wings is the most popular with the fans when asked about Bolt's most effective position in football, Bolt will need to have good ball control, dribbling, intelligence and trickery. As much as he praises himself, Bolt's footballing ability is not on the same level as his athletic ability and him as a winger just wouldn't work out. Striker Where I would play Bolt. Combined with pace and strength, Bolt would be an animal in the box. Though I've not seen his finishing skills a bit of first class training could very much see the Jamaican excel in the forward role. He would not have the same amount of strength as the great Didier Drogba but Bolt's playing style would be similar as the Ivorian. Bolt's pace would obviously be a major threat towards any team playing with an offside trap or the high line. Current Premier League striker Peter Crouch also shares a similar height as Bolt and he has proved to be a very good striker over the years. Always offering something different, Crouch is as good with his head as he is with his feet. Bolt heading ability is also unknown but due to his remarkable size he will need to use it to become a potent force upfront. Conclusion So there we have it, after discussing all of Bolt's positions, I feel "Lightning Bolt" would be most impressive in the striker's role. The question whether the Bolt will make the switch from athletics to football still remains a mystery but nonetheless we can all still dream. Do you agree with me or does your opinion differ? Tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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