Wesley Sneijder Set To Join Galatasaray, Snubbing Man Utd

The Daily Mail newspaper reports that Dutch superstar Wesley Sneijder will turn down the offers from the likes of Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur to join Galatasaray this transfer window. The piece carries quotes from Galatasaray club president saying that the club are close to finalising a deal with Inter President Massimo Moratti:

'I had dinner with Massimo Moratti in Italy, on Monday,' he reportedly told GSTV. 'We spoke about how we can co-operate on football academies.
'The Wesley Sneijder topic was also on table. I can say we made positive progress on the prospect of signing Sneijder.
'I suppose it will be clear in a few days. We will negotiate the terms and hopefully get a discount on Sneijder's fee. 'If they will agree on our offer financially then this move will be finalised.'
These are very revealing quotes that seem to suggest all parties being keen on the move, with only the transfer fee to be negotiated. Sneijder has been left out in the cold by Inter Milan over his contract dispute and hasn't played competitive football for a number of months. This is indeed a peculiar situation for a player of his stature and quality, as his agent Soran Lerby says:
'It€™s not right that a footballer of this calibre is not playing, and that the crowds are not able to watch him. 'The Premier League is the top league in Europe, so of course it would appeal, but Wes would want to play for a top team. 'Wes just loves to play football and we need to find a solution.'
It seems one of the longest transfer sagas in the history of football transfers may be slowly winding to a close, after rumours of Sneijder's exit emerged as early as after the 2010 World Cup. Three years on and the now 28 year old Sneijder is set to receive his wish, at long last.

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