Which Player Should Leave Chelsea This Summer? - Poll

Following yesterday's article, which foreign player should Chelsea sell to meet their Premier League quota?

In our last Chelsea poll, you voted overwhelming in support of Chelsea's ability to win the league this season. 88% of you think Jose Mourinho's side stand a great chance of Premier League victory next May, while only 12% believe there is still work to be done. Our next poll is a follow-up to an article posted yesterday related to Mourinho's need to sell one foreign player from his squad in order to meet the Premier League's quota for non-homegrown players for the season. To clarify, a Premier League squad is only allowed to have 17 players who are over 21 years old and not developed in England, aka have spent a minimum of three years playing in this country prior to their 21st birthday. Chelsea's squad currently has 18 such players, meaning one will either have to be sold or spend the season twiddling his thumbs. The five choices I proposed to leave the club were Mohamed Salah, Fernando Torres, Ramires, Mikel John Obi and Petr Cech. We want to know which of those five players you think would be the best choice to leave this summer in an ideal world. Now before you go clicking, consider that there are mitigating factors for each. Torres leaving would mean Chelsea lack support for Diego Costa, for instance, with only 36-year old Didier Drogba as backup. Despite his poor recent form, Ramires' departure could reduce Chelsea's tactical options. Petr Cech saying farewell would mean losing one of the club's greatest players, and so on. If you haven't already, check out the article before making your decision. It's a surprisingly tight call, and I say that as someone who has been particularly scathing about the decision to sign two of these players. Still, as ever at WhatCulture, we want to know what you think, so place your vote before explaining your decision in the comments below. We also welcome any suggestions for future Chelsea polls you'd like to see!
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