Why Arsenal's World Cup Record Just Got Broken

14. Benjamin Mendy (France)

Arsenal record
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Bejamin Mendy greatly endeared himself to City football fans during his first season at the Etihad - despite spending most of it on the sidelines. An absolute boss on Twitter, the French full-back has entertained his social media followers throughout the year with his personally penned account, popularising the term 'Shark Team' to describe his voracious Man City side.

When not joking on the internet, he's more than capable on the field.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Benjamin was born in 1987, and is still not dead. He variously enjoys classical music, old-school adventure games (they're not dead), and walks on the beach (albeit short - asthma, you know). He's currently trying to compile a comprehensive history of video game music, yet denies accusations that he purposefully targets niche audiences. He's often wrong about these things.