Why Haye vs Chisora Means More Than Khan vs Garcia

One fight is for publicity, the other is for multiple World Championships.

One fight is for publicity, the other is for multiple World Championships. One is being fought by Klitschko losers, the other by the 140lb division€™s best fighters. So why do I, and many others, want to see Haye vs Chisora more than Khan vs Garcia? The answer is actually fairly simple. People hate David Haye and/or Dereck Chisora; they want to see what will happen this time around in the circus show, and in the ring, a knockout.


Before the embarrassing brawl after Chisora€™s quite impressive performance (not manner) against the ageing Vitali Klitschko, this fight was a laughable option for David Haye. Haye is a two weight world champion fighter, Chisora is a nobody. This is a fight for money, public demand and personal hatred. I cannot wait! Many were criticising this fight for taking place, especially in England having been sanctioned from Luxembourg. However, these voices have silenced, and all are now seeing a perfect match-up of two notorious British fighters. Haye is a boxer. He is fast with his hands and has a very powerful punch. For this, he has a very high KO percentage on his record and has not gone the distance too many times. Nevertheless, he has proven he can. Haye€™s speed also lets him escape from brawls and power punches. Chisora is a brawler. He steps forward with his guard up to try and work his way into his opponent. His is not the fastest, or most powerful, but he has a very strong chin. The ever confident Haye is predicting an early KO, this is his typical style and is possible. However, Chisora will know he has to test his own chin and frustrate Haye. Dereck Chisora€™s only chance is to attack late. Even so, David Haye will take the victory in any circumstance defeating the over-hyped, over-publicised Dereck Chisora. And I think we will all tune in to see the aftermath.


Having controversially lost his last fight to Lamont Peterson, who has since failed a drugs test, reinstated WBA light-welterweight €˜super€™ champion Amir Khan is looking to put his ambitious career back on track. He is up against current WBC champion, Danny Garcia (and his outspoken father). Therefore, this fight also puts the Ring Magazine belt on the line too. Khan, trained by the renowned Freddie Roach, cannot underestimate another opponent, or look beyond this fight. Danny Garcia is an unbeaten fighter, Khan is not. Despite what some may think, Garcia last fight against Erik Morales proved he is talented. He does not have Khans speed or power, but he can box. Bolton born Amir Khan has promised a KO after being taunted by Garcia€™s father. Khan cannot underestimate this fight. Khan is the better fighter and should win, however, he must fight his own fight and rely on his speed not knockout punches. If Khan does this, and is not fantasizing about possible future box-office match-ups, he should come through with the victory. Luckily for fight fans, these thrilling match-ups are in completely different time-zones. Therefore, choosing a preference is not actually necessary. I only hope boxing is the victor rather than pathetic antics. Well, that and some brutal KOs.
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