You'll Never Be Able To 100% This Premier League Quiz

How much do you actually know about the English Premier League? We're about to find out...

The Premier League

With the start to the new season of the English Premier League just around the corner, football fans are anxiously waiting for the fixtures to begin so they can witness their teams battle for the top spot.

So to help get you ready for a another year of crunching tackles, spectacular goals, exquisite team play and the inevitable disappointing glance at a ruined accumulator, we've looked through the Premier League history books and picked out some interesting bits of trivia. Some of these questions will give you a nice trip down memory lane, while others will have you wondering if you know anything about the Premier League at all.

If you think you're up to the task of taking on this quiz, then be our guest. We hope you're able to answer everything correctly and show that when it comes to the Premier League, you know your stuff. However, with so many incredible and random records taking place since the league began, don't be surprised if you have to retake it a few times. Now go prove that your knowledge of the EPL is world class...

1. Who Has Scored The Most Goals In Premier League History?

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