31 Days Of Horror

A Brief History Of Horror - Dark Water And The 2000s

By Adam Whyte

10 Most Iconic Images in Horror Movie History

It’s finally upon… today is Halloween!! So take a few moments to check out the 10 most iconic horror movie images we’ve compiled here at WhatCulture!…if you dare that is!…
By Stuart Cummins

THE THING Review: Like A Cover Version Of A Song That Isn't Quite As Good

Like its title creature – it looks like the real thing, it sounds like the real thing, it even feels like the real thing. But it just doesn’t carry the right level of substance to be, The Thing.…
By Brad Williams

A Brief History Of Horror - The Silence Of The Lambs And The 1990s

Mainstream horror entered something of a grey zone during the 1990s as even fans of the tentpole slasher franchises got bored with sequels and rehashes.…
By Adam Whyte

A Brief History Of Horror - Evil Dead II And The 1980s

Something that connects a lot of 1980s movies, particularly ones that have developed cult followings, is that their audiences didn’t exactly know what they were in for. …
By Adam Whyte

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD & The Birth of Zombie Nation

The horror genre can probably lay claim to more twists and turns than any other, but its most challenging, rewarding and downright devastating gift to us is George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.…
By Tom Day

21st Century Horror: In Trivial Pursuit of a New Kind of Terror

To stop the horror industry becoming bloated with endless remakes, copies and sequels, I think it’s high time for a new angle, a shiny new concept, time to conjure up a fresh batch of hell.…
By Neill D. Burton

A Brief History Of Horror - The Exorcist And The 1970s

When we think of the great horror performances of the last 100 years, the tendency is immediately to think of the monsters and killers: Anthony Perkins, Bela Lugusi, Max Schreck. …
By Adam Whyte

The Halloween Franchise – The Nights He Came Home

John Carpenter’s Halloween is an undisputed masterpiece of the horror genre but we take a look at the movies that followed from Halloween II to Rob Zombie! …
By Tom Fallows

10 Underrated Horror Sequels

'The Birds II: Land's End' anyone ?......Maybe not, but here's a list of 10 underrated horror sequels which are actually pretty good. …
By Stephen Leigh