When Do You Think It’s Okay To Spoil A TV Show? - Today's Debate

Spoiler alert?
By James Hunt

What To Expect From SHERLOCK Season 2!

With the encore screenings of season 1 of Sherlock finishing their run on BBC 1 this Wednesday night with the season finale ‘The Great Game’, I thought it would be an appropriate time to do a quick run through of what we can expect from the forthcoming second season. …
By Tom Ryan

What did you think of WATCHMEN?

By Matt Holmes

I'm not one for posting spoilers but rumored TERMINATOR IV ending makes me puke

By Matt Holmes


Mass publicity begins now, tell all your friends about him! He's BATMAN! (spoiler discussion after the trailer)...…
By Matt Holmes

UPDATED: "I ain't a pretty boy no more"

Jake La Motta said it, Roger Ebert said it and I'm saying it on behalf of a certain character in The Dark Knight.…
By Matt Holmes

Aaron Eckhart talks Harvey Dent

Spoilers ahead and remember that second trailer for The Dark Knight will get it's official HD release today!…
By Matt Holmes

Details of Harvey Dent centric trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT

"You either die a hero or you live long enough to become the villain".
By Matt Holmes

Major Kira in FRIDAY THE 13th!

Nana Visitor from DS9 will play Jason's psychopathic mum in the franchise reboot. Spoilers ahead but those who know the series shouldn't worry too much...…
By Matt Holmes

Joker scenes cut in THE DARK KNIGHT?

Those controversial scenes involving Heath Ledger's Joker as revealed in what now appears to be a legit review a few days back have been cut by WB. …
By Matt Holmes