10 Biggest Bromances In Star Trek

Looking back at the heartwarming friendships of the galaxy's closest bros.

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Whether it's someone to cosplay on the holodeck with or just someone to text while waiting around all day as a transporter operator, a good friend can really brighten up your stay in the final frontier.

Throughout the history of Star Trek, we've seen many amazing friendships grow and evolve, but some transcend beyond friendship into pure bromances: platonic, but super close relationships between best bros.

Here, we're going to look at the closest bromances seen in Trek. Friends who share a mutual bond and affection so strong that they seem to complete each other. And, although bromances are sometimes thought of as a male-exclusive thing, we're going with a gender-neutral definition for this list. Also, all relationships here must be purely platonic, meaning they have had no real romantic love for each other whatsoever (at least that we've seen on screen).

10. Data & La Forge

Spock Kirk Star Trek TMP Motion Picture Bros
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Geordi La Forge and Data quickly became besties while serving on the Enterprise.

Geordi was Data's biggest advocate in his quest to become more Human. Whether he was giving advice on the android's experiments with facial hair, or helping him to install his emotion chip and process his new feelings, Geordi was always happy to help and truly saw Data as a person.

Likewise, Data cared very deeply for Geordi. When Geordi was kidnapped in Generations, Data felt deep guilt for being too stricken with fear to save him. He even offered to trade himself to the Duras sisters for his friend's release. When Geordi was finally returned, he consoled the android, telling him that he was only being Human.

The two also shared an interest in engineering, often running experiments together, when they weren't role-playing Sherlock Holmes and Watson on the holodeck in their free time.

Unfortunately, the duo barely got a chance to say goodbye before Geordi helped Data launch himself toward the Scimitar, ultimately leading to his death. Well, one of them at least. Luckily, Data got to return in Picard's third season, and these two besties finally got the chance to reunite, which was really heartwarming to see.

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