10 Historical Figures That Appeared In Star Trek

9. Abraham Lincoln

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Widely ranking top as America's favourite president, and given his noteworthy life and fateful death, it is little surprise that Abraham Lincoln appears quite extensively in Star Trek.

We encounter Lincoln most notably in The Original Series third season episode The Savage Curtain. He is recreated from the thoughts of the crew of the Enterprise by the Excalbians in order to go toe to toe (or rock to rock) with the likes of Genghis Khan, Kahless, Zora of Tiburon, and Colonel Phillip Green. Kirk and Spock also have Surak on their side though… Interestingly enough, this is the introduction to the franchise for Kahless, Surak, and Green who we would later see in various series down the line. The role of Lincoln was meant to go to Mark Lenard, of Sarek and Romulan commander fame, but he was unavailable.

Lincoln reappears in later iterations of Trek, for example in the Short Treks animated episode Ephraim and Dot in which he is met by a tardigrade, but most memorably no doubt in the Lower Decks season two episode Kayshon, His Eyes Open. There, he is on display aboard a Collectors Guild ship in Excalbian form, although now reduced to a skeleton with the spear that killed him still pointing out of his back.

Wait! Wait! Did they just use Lincoln's bones to escape?!

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