10 Most Forgettable Star Trek: Voyager Episodes

Anyone remember that time in Star Trek when Torres inspired poetry? ...didn't think so.

Harry Kim Non Sequitur Star Trek Voyager
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For better or worse, Star Trek: Voyager has some truly memorable episodes. There are those remembered for being epic and explosive such as the season 4 two-parter, Year of Hell, or the show's 100th episode, Timeless. There are others which are remembered for their controversial storylines - looking at you, Tuvix! And then there are the ones everyone remembers but maybe for the wrong reasons - ahem, Threshold.

But whilst viewers forever discuss these common few, what about the unfortunate episodes that get lost in the fold? The less-than-amazing stories that become overshadowed by the best, and worst, of the batch. 

To be clear, we're not suggesting that these are bad episodes, but rather the underlings, carrying Voyager to its 26 episode count per season, while maintaining a low profile amid the higher achievers. In words all Voyager fans will understand, think of these episodes as Chakotay in the later seasons - there, but relegated to the background.

10. Alice

Harry Kim Non Sequitur Star Trek Voyager
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Remember when Tom Paris became obsessed with a shuttle? No, not the Delta Flyer! In fact, in this season 6 episode, his beloved Flyer and even his beloved B'Elanna are forsaken for the titular Alice

After arriving at an interstellar junkyard, Paris persuades Chakotay that this derelict shuttlecraft - aptly named Alice, after a "lost cause" from his academy days - would be a worthwhile investment for Voyager and quickly gets to work on fixing it up. Soon, though, what started as a hobby, turns into an unhealthy obsession, abetted by the interface of Alice appearing to Paris in the form of a beautiful woman. Under her influence, Paris swaps his Starfleet uniform for a grey flight suit, neglects his duties, bails on holodeck plans with Harry, demands - and later steals - supplies and equipment, and completely overlooks his relationship with B'Elanna.

Of course, by the end of the episode, Paris is saved and the Voyager crew live on to journey another day.

One of the biggest factors for Alice flying under the radar is that it had the unfortunate position of being sandwiched between fan-favourite episode, Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy, and the higher stakes storyline of Riddles. The proposed implications in these two stories are far more engaging than that of Alice. Viewers are invested in the trials and tribulations of the EMH attempting to enhance his programme and the comical tones of Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy adds an extra layer of memorability. Likewise, the prospect of Tuvok losing his intelligence and emotional control is engaging for viewers who are used to the stoic nature of Vulcan characters.

By comparison, Alice doesn't really show viewers anything unusual or unexpected. Tom Paris, while on a path of redemption, is a character notorious for his brash ideas and selfish behaviour, and, therefore, the events of this episode, while extreme, aren't particularly surprising and by extension, aren't particularly memorable.

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