14 Dumbest Things In Star Trek Nemesis

13. Remans In The Twilight Zone

Star Trek Nemesis Enterprise E Poster Scimitar
Paramount Pictures

Presented for your consideration. Aliens who look like the titular creature from Nosteratu, fangs included, and who shrink from bright light.

A point is made that the Remans are creatures of darkness who are highly sensitive to light. As such, their ship interiors are dimly lit. Yet this apparently provides them with zero tactical advantage even on their home turf, as Picard easily outguns them both when escaping from and reboarding their kill-o-zap spaceship, the Scimitar.

Later, when the Reman Viceroy and his goons board the Enterprise, the for-whatever-reason-the-lights-are-at-Reman-ready-10-watts on Deck 29 similarly affords them no advantage whatsoever. Riker knows they dislike bright lights, so why not try calling for it even if it ends up the ship’s damage won’t allow it? Did no one think to bring bright lights? Flashbulbs? Flares? Also, shouldn’t the battle-hardened Remans know that Federation ships are usually as brightly lit at a hotel? Why don’t they come aboard wearing photo-adaptive sunglasses? The only concession to this bright light sensitivity is when Riker yanks some fiber optic cables loose and shines them in the Vicerory’s eyes, but that really doesn’t do much at all.

The problem, as usual, is they made up a plot point and — say it with me — immediately forgot about it.

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