Star Trek: 10 Biggest Takeaways From Patrick Stewart's Memoir (and One That Wasn't)

A life in Movies and TV is only just the tip of the Stewart memoir mountain.

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Eighty years in the making, Making It So has easily become the must-have and must-read book for Star Trek fans across the globe.

More than just a retelling of Patrick Stewart's time aboard the USS Enterprise, the book is a deep dive into the life and times of the Yorkshire actor who only really found fame outside of theatre when he reached his 40s.

Making It So will fill out almost every aspect of Sir Pat's life from his upbringing in a one-up one-down terraced house in Mirfield's Camm Lane to his forays into theatre before breaking out into TV and film at the most unexpected point in his career.

But it's not just a book about acting. There's real life trials that have left their mark, and encounters with some famous faces dotted throughout including legends such as Vivian Leigh and Kirk Douglas. Then there's the time Stewart had the chance to drive Paul McCartney's DB4 which has to be read to be believed.

Fans of Star Trek aren't short-changed either with a good trip down the galactic highway with mentions of all his fellow TNG cast mates. The book also sets out the path from Stewart never wanting to play Picard again (absolutely done!) to being tempted back for the three-season revival. That ultimately culminated in virtually everything the actor had said he didn't want to do but wowed fans worldwide with its final ten episodes.

11. Wasn't He Direct?

Patrick Stewart Book Memoir Picard Star Trek
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Making It So covers virtually every aspect of Patrick Stewart's life from his birth in the poverty-stricken streets of Mirfield right up to his current standing, happily married in Los Angeles.

But there is one oddity that seems to have been overlooked and that's his behind-the-camera work which fans of Star Trek will know he undertook.

The book does cover, although not in-depth, the years of TNG and its subsequent movies yet Stewart skips over the part he played as a director on five episodes of the series - including In Theory, Phantasms, and the penultimate installment of season seven, Pre-Emptive Strike. It also avoids mention of his role as a producer on Star Trek: Insurrection, though he does mention that he was not satisfied with either that movie or the subsequent Nemesis. The latter killed off further adventures for the TNG cast until Picard resurrected the Enterprise captain nearly two decades later.

Perhaps Stewart forgot these moments or actively chose not to include them in his work, focusing more on his time in front of the camera. However, it would have been interesting to see his insight into the workings of production especially since he notes the brilliance of Jonathan Frakes' work on several occasions, even stamping a firm demand that his friend and colleague direct a potential Picard movie in the future.

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