18 Best South Park Episodes Ever (According To IMDB)

The elite few of South Park's epic run...

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Considering the immediate success of South Park, which catapulted its creators into the stratosphere and crowned it the defining firebrand animation of the late 20th and early 21st century (before that sort of badge became so hotly-contested, really), it's quite shocking how long it took for there to be a truly seminal episode.

Sure, there are classics in the first few seasons and they're eminently quotable and probably all the more memorable because there were fewer of them at the time, but it took until the fourth season for the real greatness to begin. And that's not just a supposition pulled out of thin air, either - it's based entirely on the one metric that really dials into fan reactions to shows (beyond viewer figures) - the IMDB star rating.

With that metric taken into account, it took until that point until an episode that now sits at over 9.0 - the true mark of greatness and a benchmark of awesome. And while there have now been HUNDREDS of episodes, there are still relatively few that have broken the barrier. So you just know they're great...

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