25 Best Episodes Of The Simpsons (According To IMDb)

Just what ranks as the best ever outing for television’s favourite yellow family?


The Simpsons remains one of the best shows of all time, still going strong after 30 years. Quite plainly, it’s not as good as it used to be, but it’s still great television. At its peak though, it was pretty much unrivalled.

Quality has risen and fallen seemingly at random since the seasons hit double digits, but the show is still well worth watching. Having said that, all the entries here are in the Golden Era: Seasons Three to Nine.

These rankings are lifted from the IMDb user score, with ties broken by the number of individual ratings an episode has. With so many fantastic episodes down the years, some classics may well miss out, although all the big hitters are here.

Just for an idea of quality, Bart The Murderer, Homer At The Bat, And Maggie Makes Three and Boy Scoutz In The Hood all score slightly too low. The competition is just that tight.

A stellar 8.8 user score out of ten is needed to get in, and even then Homer Vs The Eighteenth Amendment as the 8.8 episode with the fewest votes just misses the cut. To get on this list, the episode has to be truly great.


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