American Dad: Roger's 20 Greatest Personas

"Criss-cross apple sauce!"


When American Dad first hit TV screens in 2005, it faced the same problem as Futurama did years earlier. While Matt Groening's second big TV show had to compete to escape from the shadow of The Simpsons, Seth MacFarlane's new show would always be compared to Family Guy.

There are many similarities between MacFarlane's two hit shows. They both revolve around dysfunctional American families with lovable yet sometimes useless dads, and both families have a non-human character that can talk. For the Griffins it is Brian, and for the Smiths it is Roger the alien.

For the first few episodes of the series Roger is portrayed as somewhat of a prisoner in his own home, since he is not allowed to leave the house. This quickly grew stale however, and in episode four, the alien uses a dreadlock wig and hat to go on a double date with Steve.

Since then, Roger's personas and disguises have grown more and more ridiculous, in some cases even having completely separate lives that even Roger doesn't know about. While most of these characters are great, some are much better than others.

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