Arrowverse: Every DC Property That Is Now Canon After CW's Crisis On Infinite Earths

Started with Arrow, now we're here.

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The CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event brought together some of the most iconic characters from across all of DC live-action history, which in turn created a infinitely large universe of heroes that more than rivals those of the big-budget superhero movies. Much like the MCU’s Avengers: Endgame, Crisis on Infinite Earths is the culmination of the Arrowverse’s numerous shows that began with a certain Emerald Archer back in 2012.

Arrow kicked off a shared superhero universe that produced spin-offs, such as The Flash (2014), DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman, while also crossing over with multiple other DC shows in the form of Supergirl, Constantine, and The Flash (1990).

Crisis on Infinite Earths marks the end of an era for the Arrowverse with the death of Oliver Queen, however, it also marks the beginning of new and wonderful adventures to look forward to for the heroes of the Arrowverse.

Worlds lived, worlds died, and the Arrowverse will never be the same.

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