Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Jake Peralta - True Or False?

Eat your heart out Sherlock!


Jake Peralta is as interesting and complex as he is immaturely funny. His character's development is unlike any other due to his natural ability to excel at his job, leaving plenty of time to focus on his shenanigans.

Jake really adds to the already diverse and frankly brilliant cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, making it one of the most progressive shows of this day and age. Rather than the archetypical macho aggressive Police Detectives we have all become accustomed to, Jake shows a much more sensitive and emotional, albeit childish side to this role. He has an incredible ability to accept change and evolve accordingly.

Jake strives to keep learning and bettering himself with the supporting Precinct around him, leading to one of the main reasons why Brooklyn Nine-Nine is as thought-provoking as it is side-splittingly funny.

Take this ‘toit’ quiz to see how well you really know Jake Peralta.

Answers at the end!

1. Jake Was Born In 1981?


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