Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: You'll Never 100% This Fill In The Gaps Rosa Diaz Quiz

Only a true badass can score 100%.

rosa diaz brooklyn nine nine

Is there a bigger badass in TV history than Brooklyn 99's Rosa Diaz? Sure, there have been cop shows in the past with a few no-nonsense police officers, but none quite like Rosa Diaz. Can you think of any that had a formal and informal leather jacket (the formal one doesn't have blood on it)?

Played amazingly by Stephanie Beatriz, Diaz has gone through an incredible character arc during the 7 (soon to be 8) seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She has gone from a closed off emotionless enigma to a slightly more emotional character who eventually opens up about her bisexuality and gradually lets her guard down to become closer with her colleagues. Oh yeah, also she still carries a blade around with her the size of a baguette.

Although she is a woman of few words, when she does feel in the mood to say something, it's always brilliant. From the witty to the deeply profound, Diaz's lines tend to go under the radar as her actions tend to speak louder than her words. But just how well do you think you remember those lines? If you consider yourself a Diaz super-fan, then see how you fare as you try to fill in the gaps of these Rosa Diaz quotes.

1. "What Kind Of Woman Doesn't Have An ____?"


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