Daredevil Season 3 Release Date Revealed?

Daredevil will soon be Born Again.

Daredevil Fight

Iron Fist Season 2 has only just dropped, but talk has already turned to the next series on the Netflix Marvel slate: Daredevil Season 3.

Daredevil may have started it all back in 2015, but the third run of the show has been a long time coming, with Season 2 arriving back in March 2016. That wait will soon be over though, with the streaming service previously promising we'd see it before the end of the year, and a tweet from Netflix Thailand may have revealed the exact date.

The official account posted a new teaser, below, which roughly translates to: "I was dying as a devil. I live a better life as Matthew Murdock. October 19, meet Daredevil season 3."

That date does make sense, with October rumoured for a little while now. Netflix have big new series dropping on October 12 and 26 - The Haunting of Hill House and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina respectively - while October 19 has a new foreign language series and a travel documentary, meaning it's pretty much open for a big original series.

With Matt Murdock left battered, broken, and MIA after The Defenders, and Season 3 expected to adapt Frank Miller's seminal Born Again comic arc, there's a lot to be excited about for the next year, so the sooner it returners the better.

Are you excited for Daredevil Season 3? Let us know down in the comments.

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