Friends Or How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Said It, Rachel Or Robin?

How I met my lobster, more like...


Great sitcoms are nothing without great romances. Sure, it's nice to have well-rounded characters in their own right, but you can't beat watching two of your favourite characters slowly falling in love. It's even better when they do that, then fall out, then fall back in love again, then go through that repeatedly until you can't tell what's going to happen.

Such is the way of love in the world of major American sitcoms.

Just as Rachel and Ross are lobsters, Ted and Robin were meant to be. In both shows, the question of Will They Or Won't They for those two couples was even more important than anything else going on in terms of the plots. And it helped that all of the characters were veritable quote machines, with the female side of those couples being even better than their male counterparts.

But how much do you remember about the women who tamed the slightly nerdy hearts of Ross Geller and Ted Mosby?

Answers at the end!

1. "Oh I'm Sorry, Did My Back Hurt Your Knife?"

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