Game Of Thrones Season 6: 10 Crucial Things That Must Happen

4. Justify 'Mountainstein'

'Resurrected, bruised, blue Mountain: crazy eyes edition' is hardly the most catchy title around. 'Mountainstein' is. Nobody has any real idea what Mountainstein is capable of other than being a simple comeback version of Gregor Clegane. It's cool that we have a bizarre comeback like this one, but what's the point? Why put the effort into bringing him back if he's not going to be used for a massive moment? Season 6 will show us plenty of Mountainstein (hopefully) but it needs to do far more than just that; the pay-off needs to justify the build-up in Season 5. And I'm sure that will happen, with some fans theorising that his brother, The Hound is also set for a comeback, meaning 'Cleganebowl' is back on. The only problem with that is overkill on the 'comeback' front. The Simpsons': "Dang blasted! Isn't anybody in this dad-gummed cemetery dead?" quote springs to mind...

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