How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Am I - Ted Or Marshall?

T-Dog or Marshmallow?


Ted and Marshall are the best of friends.

After the pair met at Wesleyan University they graduated and moved to New York City. Like any best friend, Ted was there for Marshall through the good times and the bad. Best man at his wedding, a shoulder to cry on after the death of Marshall's father, Ted always put his friends first. Likewise, Marshall was there for Ted through his extremely chaotic dating journey to where he eventually found his one true love. We all know how that ended!

After 9 seasons and 208 episodes, there is a lot to remember about one of the greatest sitcoms of the last decade, but just how much can you remember about two of the most popular characters from the show?

They may be best friends but can you tell this duo apart? Can you identify which of the following 20 statements refer to which friend. Was it Ted Mosby or Marshall Eriksen?

Answers at the end!

1. I Am Also Known As Beercules.


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