IMDB's Top 25 TV Shows (And Where To Stream Them)

Where to find your TV fix when the Streaming Wars begin...

Adult Swim/AMC/HBO

The Great Streaming Wars of the 21st Century are about to start. For a long time, Netflix was pretty much the unchallenged market leader, but in a matter of a few months, Disney will launch their platform and Apple, NBCUniversal and Warner Media are all coming too, on top of existing services like Amazon and Hulu. It's about to be an awfully cramped market.

The key question for TV-watching fans is where each of the BIG shows are going to end up when the streaming wars kick off. All that matters to the audience, even beyond quality of service and to a certain extent price, is the catalogue offerings of each service. Will we be able to watch Friends and The Simpsons in one place? What about HBO's incredible shows? The BBC's award-winning programming? This is what matters most.

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Luckily, we have the answer for at least the highest-rated shows of all time according to IMDB. All rated shows have at least 100k votes for the best spread too.

Honourable Mention: The Simpsons [8.7] - Streaming exclusively on Disney+ from November 2019


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