It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: 10 Worst Things The Gang Has Done

Has there ever been a worse bunch of people on TV?


It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is a sitcom like no other. Taking lend from the likes of Seinfeld, the Gang are some of the worst people to appear on television. Audiences are rarely encouraged to root for them; in fact it’s often made explicitly clear we should be wanting them to lose.

The Gang has done some pretty atrocious things across their thirteen seasons, and having just been renewed for a fourteenth, show no signs of slowing down.

In order to help trim down the list, there’s some ground rules for what qualifies. For example, things done by just one person will not count, only things done by at least two of the gang together.

This means no DENNIS system, no implication, no cruel intentions on Alexandria Daddario... and plenty more besides.

It also leaves out very stupid things they’ve done where the primary victim was themselves; so this in turn nixes Mac stabbing himself, Dee and Dennis getting addicted to crack and Frank getting stuck in the coil.

Even with those restrictions though, there’s a whole host of dirty deeds the Gang have gotten up to, which will probably make you wonder why you ever put up with them in the first place.


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