It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Or The Simpsons Quiz: Who Said It - Charlie Or Homer?

How well do you really know fan-favourite Charlie Kelly and Homer Simpson?

Charlie Kelly Homer Simpson

On paper, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Simpsons don't have much in common, but they share some similar characters - Homer Simpson and Charlie Kelly.

The two characters have intersecting personalities, apart from the apparent extra dimension. Both Charlie and Homer are lazy, driven by food, and always searching for the next beer. While Homer is Duff's biggest patron around Springfield, Charlie is on the other side of the bar, attempting to run the hugely unsuccessful Paddy's pub with the Gang.

Homer is and will always be regarded as the granddaddy of cartoon comedy, with his slobbery portrayed in an audience-friendly manner. This is in stark contrast to Charlie as he is a straight-up lowlife. It's almost like they took Homer and turned the crude factor up by 100.

Despite these two dummies' shortcomings, it's difficult to hate them. With his overtly idiotic antics, Homer means well, and Charlie is the loser everyone has a soft spot for. So, here's a quiz to celebrate these two fan-favourite goofs.

How well do you really know It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's and The Simpsons' funniest characters? Can you tell Charlie Kelly and Homer Simpson apart from their quotes alone?

1. “I Eat Stickers All The Time!”


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