It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Quiz: How Many Characters Do You Know?

How many of these Jabronis can you name?

It's Always Sunny Ruby

Since its debut in 2005, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia has had a huge host of characters, both recurring and on-offs that the gang have gotten involved with. The long running comedy has thrown all manner of people at the gang, and generally had the gang ruin their lives along the way.

Some cast members have been huge names, making one-off appearances, while others may have a recurring role, or even be most well known for their roles in this raunchy comedy series.

The hugely iconic sitcom currently holds the record for longest running live action American sitcom of all time, a feat that becomes much more impressive when it’s considered how controversial the show is. Off to a rocky start in 2005, the show found its feet with season 2 when Danny DeVito showed up as Frank Reynolds and became a series regular. Since then, Frank has been a fan favourite and always brings the laughs.

The main characters, Charlie, Dee, Mac, Dennis, and Frank are all widely recognisable, but with 15 seasons of extra characters to name, how well do you remember them all?

1. Who Is This?


A grown up... allegedly