Parks And Recreation Quiz: How Well Do You Know April Ludgate?

Even Andy Dwyer couldn't pass this quiz!


Parks and Recreation has everything you could ever want from a sitcom by being able to consistently hit a level of hilarious comedy, also managing to warm your heart with romance between characters and yet keeping you grounded in reality by throwing in some serious story lines along the way.

This is done to good effect through the creation and use of many strongly written characters. They may not boast the complexity of a show like Game of Thrones but for a friendly and enjoyable sitcom that will keep you laughing and invested they hit the nail on the head.

Each character brings their own brand and style of comedy to the show and one character in particular that is great for that is April Ludgate. April has a dark humour which resonates in a lot of us in contrast to the constant upbeat cheer that is normally thrown at you in a traditional sitcom.

How well do you think you know her?

Answers at the end!

1. April Created Her Own Major In College. What Was It?


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