The Flash: Ranking Every Version Of Harrison Wells From Worst To Best

Evil speedster? Master detective? Full-time genius? Which Wells was The Flash's finest?

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The Flash has been on our screens for half a decade now and during that time a lot of faces have come and gone. One face that has not come and gone, however, has been that of Harrison Wells. Now don't mistake that as some unnecessarily fancy way of saying that the character has stuck around for all six seasons because, well, that just wouldn't be true as we have seen multiple variations of the same character.

Yes, it's become something of a running tradition for the show to introduce a new iteration of Harrison Wells each season - usually because Barry Allen and Team Flash are in desperate need of expertise from one of the multiverse's smartest men - and each one is drastically different than the one that came before him.

After Tom Cavanagh's wonderful job on the first season, it's hardly surprising that the writers wanted to find a way for him to remain on the show, and it goes without saying that they've managed to come up with some unique ways to pull it off. There's no question about it: Cavanagh is fantastic in the role, but which of the many Wells were the best?

From Speedsters and novelists to esteemed scientists and even a master detective, let's take a look back at every Harrison Wells and, while we're at it, rank them.

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