The IMPOSSIBLE How I Met Your Mother Quiz

This quiz is going to be legen ... wait for it ... dary! Legendary!


When it first debuted in 2005, nobody could have expected the cultural impact How I Met Your Mother had on the world. The series helped boost CBS' overall standing among the networks and introduced concepts like the Bro Code into the Zeitgeist in a way only Barney Stinson could have.

Since the show went off the air, it remains a favorite of late-night bingers and nostalgic reminiscers, but how well do you remember the series that didn't introduce a title character until the very end of the 8th season?

Did you sit and listed to every word Ted said to his two kids while they listened on that couch for the better part of a decade or would you describe yourself as a casual viewer? The only way to find out for sure is to take this IMPOSSIBLE quiz only the most ardent fans of the series could possibly master!

1. What Is Ted's Middle Name?


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