The Office Quiz: Who Said It? (Underrated Edition)

How well do you know the Office?

The Office Jim Pam

The hit mockumentary sitcom, The Office , first hit our screens in 2005. Lasting for nine seasons, the series was an American remake of Ricky Gervais' UK original, under the same title. Over the years the series has grown a some what of a cult following.

The series is packed with laughs, smiles and just enough emotion to keep you engaged. Everyone has their own personal favourite character, but there is just so much to love about this series. It is a series which brings so much happiness, as you find yourself engaged in Pam's love life, Dwight and Jim's constant pranks and just hoping that Michael succeeds.

We all know "that's what she said", "identity theft is not a joke", and that "sometimes the clothes at Gap are just too flashy", but what about the more underrated quotes? With The Office back on UK Netflix, there's no better times to watch all 201 episodes again, once or twice...

Just how well do you know the show? Can you remember who said which quote, in this underrated quotes edition? A true Office fan would get 100%...

1. "I Fell Down Mr Balance."


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