The Walking Dead Season 4: 10 Reasons To Be Concerned

9. Changing Character Dynamics

Walking Dead Dev It€™s clear that The Walking Dead is a very character driven show, so it€™s no surprise that many of my concerns surround the direction of character in the series. The bus load of newcomers incites a lot of questions about the position of primary characters. A huge reset button has been pushed. Every character has been mixed into the prison community, and new roles are still shaking out. We've seen Rick switch gears from leader to farmer to investigator; Carol€™s all over the place helping the sick and being a ruthless mentor to the kids. The dynamics aren't clear in this new community, many of the characters are filling roles left empty by those who've died along the way. I'm concerned that some of these switches may be too drastic or forced. Carol€™s change, for example, is interesting, but it€™s moving along very quickly. The change may be linear (although many people may be debating this), however, the suddenness is jarring. It looks like she€™s being struggling to fit into the role Andrea played in previous seasons. I hope the writers don€™t behave like walker-Patrick; he had an entire body to feast upon, but he just took out one organ to chew on. Once again, I hope they take full advantage of the newcomers; construct some new characters that can more realistically fill the roles that need to be filled.

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