10 Most Anticipated Returns In UFC History

Absence tends to make the heart grow fonder.

2016 Rey Del Rio

If there's one thing that the entire world of sport can agree on, it's that everyone loves a good comeback.

Whether it's a veteran coming back for one last shot at the big time or an injury being overcome against the odds, returns are part and parcel of what makes sports more than just plain competition.

UFC utilize this better than most and lean into these narratives to generate hype for the impending reemergence of one of their many talents.

That's not to say that all these returns lead to a happy ending; this is combat sports we're talking about after all.

Many long awaited comebacks haven't exactly gone to plan and some of these fighters quickly found out how time away could be a deadlier enemy than anyone facing them in the Octagon.

On the other hand, an extended absence can give a fighter time to recalibrate and lay the foundations for a victorious return to action.

Regardless of the outcome, it would be fair to say that the fuss surrounding a return can often overshadow the actual fight itself.

With all that being said, let's examine exactly what made these entries the most anticipated returns in UFC history.

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