10 Most Charismatic Performers In UFC History

When this bunch entered the Octagon, you stood up and took notice.

Gregory Payan/AP

Simply putting on a fight between two highly skilled faceless performers isn't enough to sell a PPV these days. It should be, as most hardcore MMA fans just want to see the very best at the time come to blows over the top prizes in the company.

However, the numbers don't lie and over the years we've seen that the promotion's most successful periods have all been spearheaded by larger than life characters who exuded charisma.

Would UFC 229 have broken the UFC's PPV buys record if controversial poster boy Conor McGregor hadn't kicked up a fuss with his volatile antics and talked you into needing to see this Lightweight title grudge match with Khabib Nurmagomedov?

Not a chance.

Characters sell PPVs. It's as simple as that.

But, who can honestly call themselves the most charismatic star in UFC history and what made these top ten personalities so captivating throughout their storied careers inside of the Octagon?

Mercurial artists, loudmouth 'bad guy's and defiant beasts have all charmed their way into the final shortlist, but only one can be crowned the Undisputed UFC King or Queen of Charisma.

It's TIIIIIIIIIME...to find out who...


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