5 Best Grapplers In The UFC

The return of the specialists...

2016 Getty Images

Mixed Martial Arts has gone through a rapid evolution, which makes complete sense given that the sport was invented a mere 25 years ago. The days of specialists dominating the octagon are long gone... or so we thought. The general consensus used to be that you had to be equally skilled in all of the disciplines.

Astonishingly enough, specialists have taken that theory and thrown it right out the window. There has been quite the resurgence. More specifically, specialists on the ground have been particularly dominant, hoisting their opponent several feet into the air, and slamming them directly on their skull. It seems to be a pretty good tactic… who knew right?

The slamming isn’t the only devastating technique. These animals have the ability to maul opponents, zapping them of their energy, and either ground and pounding them into oblivion, or submitting them into unconsciousness.

There’s a distinct look on a fighters face when they’re faced with an athlete of this caliber. It looks as if their souls have been physically ripped right out of their bodies. No wonder these are the most feared people in the UFC.


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