Colby Covington Wants Rematch Against Kamaru Usman

'Chaos' claims the fight was 'fixed' and 'corrupt'.

Colby Covington, Kamaru Usman

After an extended period of radio silence, 'Chaos' Colby Covington has finally wandered out of the wilderness and told MMA Fighting that he feels entitled to a rematch after what he describes as a 'fixed' and 'corrupt' Welterweight title bout loss against Kamaru Usman at UFC 245.

The pair clashed in a titanic battle back in December 2019 and after a build-up of bad blood threatened to spill over in the weeks before the fight took place, Usman managed to finish Covington on the night - despite the fact that many had Covington down as the victor on the scorecards before this controversial ending.

Clearly feeling frustrated by Marc Goodard's decision to bring the fight to a close in the last minute of the fifth round, Covington lashed out by stating that, "I went out there and I beat up ‘Marty Fakenewsman’ for 24 minutes until the ref had to stop the fight on a fake stoppage – a bullsh*t stoppage [...] [A stoppage] where I was completely coherent and still in the fight, and he just blatantly stopped the fight, after there was a foul, too. He’s hitting me in the back of the head four times and he blatantly calls the fight, because he knows he doesn’t want it to go to the judges’ scorecards cause I could win."

If that wasn't enough, Covington has even boasted that he didn't in fact have his jaw broken by Usman, he'd like to have a celebrity boxing match with 50 Cent with one arm tied behind his back, and that he is still President Donald Trump's favourite fighter.

Whether Covington will get his rematch is anyone's guess at this stage, with Usman and Jorge Masvidal expected to throw down for the belt during International Fight Week.

Covington could possibly get a crack at the victor or take on the loser in a number one contendership bout. Whatever happens, don't expect the resident loudmouth villain of MMA to go away any time soon.

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