Cris Cyborg Open To Training Multiple Boxing World Champion Claressa Shields

...Oh, and Shields just so happens to want to fight Amanda Nunes, too.

Current boxing women's Middleweight and Light Middleweight champion Claressa Shields has made it clear that she is interested in stepping inside of the Octagon in the near future...and now it looks as though she has found herself a coach in Amanda Nunes' old rival, Bellator's Cris Cyborg.

Shields' manager confirmed that the boxing sensation is set on becoming a two-sport world champion (much like Conor McGregor) and is convinced that a crossover fight - between hereself and Nunes - would ignite the imaginations of fans all over the world.

Cyborg looks as though she is happy to help in any way she can and told MMA Fighting 'I think with everything, she can be great, and people are going to love her, too. If Iā€™m able to help her ā€“ if I have the opportunity ā€“ for sure.'

Though she would absolutely relish the chance to assist Shields in getting one over on Nunes, Cyborg did admit that 'if it was my athlete, I would make some fights in MMA first.'

Perhaps it would be wise for the MMA novice to get a few tune-up fights under her belt before challenging arguably the greatest fighter to ever step foot inside of a women's division. But Cyborg wouldn't stand in Shields' way if she wanted to dive straight into the super-fight, stating 'a young girl likes to do what she wants, and if (Shields) wants to fight Amanda and beat her, she should follow her heart and do her best.'

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