Kamaru Usman Knows Jorge Masvidal As The Guy 'Who' Doesn't Deserve A Title Shot

The Welterweight champ is not impressed with 'Gamebred's fighting prowess.

Masdival Usman mock

Contrary to popular belief, Kamaru Usman knows exactly who Jorge Masvidal is... he just doesn't know him as someone worthy of challenging for his Welterweight belt.

Fresh off the back of conquering Colby Covington at UFC 245, Usman was bombarded with questions about who was next in line to face the defending champ. The name on everyone's lips, Jorge Masvidal, was brought into the conversation and Usman simply replied, "who?"

Anyone who knows anything about Masvidal will know how highly he thinks of himself and to be disrespected in such a way clearly irked the 'BMF' title holder. He went on to create a video which highlighted all the instances where the division's current champ clearly acknowledged 'Gamebred' and has even started to refer to Usman as the 'owl'.

The champ clarified to MMA Fighting that Masvidal was 'misunderstanding' him, before going on to admit that "him fighting, yeah, I know him fighting but when they brought up 'you fight Jorge Masvidal next', I’m like, ‘who?'"

The obviously implication was that Usman does not feel as though Masvidal is a worthy challenger, and he stated as much by laying out the facts that 'Jorge Masvidal doesn’t have a win over anyone in the top six. I’ve beaten five of the top six guys in the division. That’s why I said that.'

Masvidal does hold impressive wins over Darren Till, Ben Askren and Nate Diaz, yet Usman still clearly feels that he needs to add a few more top calibre scalps to his resume before he takes on the top dog in the division.

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