10 WWE Graphical Disasters

Yes, that is Comic Sans.

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On any given day, WWE generally find themselves dragged from pillar to post by the online wrestling community for a variety of their perceived ills. If it's not bellyaching over the current booking direction or disastrous misuse of talent, it's justifiable hand-wringing about the company's latest excursion to the Middle East in exchange for their ethics, or otherwise some moral outrage stemming from their systemic lack of sensitivity.

One thing wrestling fans rarely criticise the promotion for, however, is their production values. It isn't an overstatement to say that those occupying WWE's editing suite are absolutely world class at what they do, consistently and prolifically crafting superb video packages and on-screen logos which distinguish the product as above-and-beyond all the competition.

But the occasional graphical gaffe isn't beneath even these technical wizards. Though mistakes on-screen are extremely rare in WWE - the perfectionist demands of the chairman make it practically criminal - when these clangers happen, they don't go unnoticed by ever-attentive wrestling fans.

And they're not subtle about pointing them out either, as even the most trivial of misspelled names becomes a source of perpetual comedy for years to come.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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