15 Most Revealing AEW Instagram Posts Of The Week (Jan 12th)

Bloody faces, Luke Harper teases and a new arrival...

AEW Instagram Header Jan 12th

In the week where Vince McMahon was apparently said to be "desperate" to stop The Revival joining AEW and Matt Hardy was tipped to join as the leader of the Dark Order, AEW once more posted better viewing figures than NXT. And that was in the first REAL head-to-head for almost a month, so it's something to crow about.

This was also the week in which Tony Khan said that AEW wouldn't exist without Hulk Hogan, when extreme wrestling veteran Dr Luther made his debut and Kenny Omega fought back against criticisms of the women's division.

Meanwhile, there was another big hint of Luke Harper's possible impending signing, but Marty Scurll looks to be on his way back to ROH thanks to a bumper offer. You win some, you lose some.

And through it all, the AEW roster took to social media in their usual way to reveal their lives away from the ring. This was the week in AEW Instagram...


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